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Originally Posted by rosa hsiao
1) the original DocumentRoot of had been changed from /var/www/html to /home/www/web.
Thats normal. But the document root has not been changed to /home/www/web, it has changed to /home/www/

2) If I copy the original webpages from /var/www/html to /home/www/web, both and will display the same homepage-index.htm.
Copy the contents to the new home directories:




How can I use /var/www/html as DocumentRoot of and use /home/www/user/web1_abc/web as DocumentRoot of
You can but its not recommended. If you want to use it you will have to setup namebased vhosts manually in your httpd.conf.

3)I have tried to forward to, but the following error occured:
"The domain forward contained invalid signs and has therefore been deleted."
Forwards to user wbs are set automatically. Copy the content you want to reach under the URL to the directory:


But why do you need the path ?

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