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Originally Posted by till
1) No, you dont need virtual IP addresses to run multiple websites. One IP is sufficient if you dont need SSL for every website.

2) This are two different things. You must setup the site with your internal IP in the ISP-Manager and then add a primary DNS-record with your external IP in the DNS-Manager.

3) Do the same as for the first site.

When you setup the A and MX-Records at, you dont have to use the ISPConfig DNS-Manager at all.
Thanks For Responding

1) Is SSL the only reason you need to use that Virtual IP Feature

Ok I understand the Internal IP for the ISP-Manager (that is - for this box), so why do in need my external IP for the ISP DNS-Manager.

Is the external IP you are referring to the IP that my provider gave me, if so why is that used?

Wouldnt you want to use the IP of the ISPCOnf Box I am setting up (

What would be the minimun information you would setup for your primary domain name at Name - You can see how i have my primary domain setup above in my original post.

Since i have a dynamic IP I want the make switching my Domain Name IP's over to the new ones as easy as possible every time they change it on me.

I am not the smartest when it comes to this DNS stuff but i think my idea is headed in the right direction.

Here is my Idea - tell me If I am thinking right: (Keep in mind that this would be the setting in NameCheap for all of my domains)

Primary Domain:
@ A-Record 111.222.333.444
ns1 A-Record 111.222.333.444
ns2 A-Record 111.222.333.444
mail A-Record 111.222.333.444

MX Record: mail 10

Registered Name Server #1:
Registered Name Server #1:

(all sub-domains & mail can be handled by my Nameserver in my ISPconfig box)

#2 Domain:
Name Server:
Name Server:

(All domain, sub-domains, mail are handled by my ISPConfig Box)

#3 Domain:
Name Server:
Name Server:

(All domain, sub-domains, mail are handled by my ISPConfig Box)

I want it so I only have to change the IP's for my Primary Domain when my ISP changes my IP number - I think a am thinking correctly, but I have been wrong before.

Also offer Dynamic DNS, does anyone know what this is and would i help me.

4) What does the Default MX Check box in the setting do.

Thanks Alot - I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully if this DNS stuff doesnt kill me, I can share some knowledge here someday

I am working on this system tonight - Hopefully I wont screw it up again.
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