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Hi Falko. Thanks for your response.

Yes. Switched back to the park servers late last night. I've updated dns at GoDaddy to resemble the How To once again. A dig in an hour or two should yield a better result. .com and .org can also be used for dig. Have not deleted the park servers from those two.

I can understand the concept of the glue record (though this is the first I have heard of such a thing), but how does it need to be formatted in order to avoid the circle? I am assuming that this needs to be part of the zone like an A or MX record. Or a change to an existing A record?

Also attempting to figure out why any website on the server can only be seen locally for some reason. Outside of Comcast, or outside our immediate area, all requests for any website on the server time out in all browsers. An interesting twist is that requesting a site's https page will contact the appropriate page without a problem, but using normal http times out????? Is this related to the glue record issue?

Yep, we're definately new to linux and servers in general, but we're trying hard. Lot's of confusion on dns out there! Thanks very much for your time, and all of your good advice!

(About 8 hours later)...

Spent some time on the phone with GoDaddy. They do have some folks there that are fairly savvy with dns that are also willing to work with someone whether using Linux or Windows. Nice to find that in a live body to talk to. We have moved the domain back to the parked servers to allow Verisign to update back to them to clear the current problem (glue record). The procedure seems to have changed by a small amount from the How To regarding DNS and GoDaddy just as thier interface has changed. We should know for certain about that in another 4 days or so after updating and distribution.

If all goes well, and the changes I mentioned have in fact changed (according to my understanding now) I'll update this for everyone to see. It's much, much easier to create the chicken and the egg problem than one would think..... More later, and thanks Falko for filling in that one piece of information (glue record) that is not talked about much at all.

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