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Angry Multiple ISPConfig & DNS Questions and Problems

Hello All

I have a few ISPConfig / DNS Issues & Concerns. I am on about my tenth reinstall of Mandrake 2007 (Perfect Setup) and ISPConfig because of hosing things up. I have a few questions and maybe some kind person out here will be willing to give a helping hand. I feel like an idiot having to post this, but here it goes.

I do have an intermediate understanding of how it should all work; I think I am just missing something small. I have looked at the manuals, but I must be over looking something.

I have been hosting just websites for about 5 years via virtual hosting and all has been well. Now I want to have my own DNS and Mail Server and a control panel that even my wife & kids can setup accounts on when I am not around after some basic instruction.

I think I know one of the problem I am having – Maybe I should step away and let my 10-yearold son set it up for me 8-).


My List of Questions.

Do I need to setup Virtual IPs to allow multiple domain names and sites on the same server. – I do have the network automated configuration turned on in the ISPconfig file so it will add the Virtual IPs once I put them in the list box.

If I would need to I would use the following Virtual IP’s

How does one setup both the site and DNS for the primary site. Do you add the co domains under the site setup panel or do you actual do it under the DNS master setup.

My Server Host Name:
Local Server IP:

How does one setup both the site and DNS for the second site and domain.


If maybe some one could send me some screen shots of how there ISPConfig is setup I would greatly appreciate.


I register all my domains through – Please let me know if I am heading down the right path.

Here are my settings

#1 Domain: (IP 111.222.333.444)

Note: I am using there DNS for this domain name

@ A-Record 111.222.333.444
www A-Record 111.222.333.444
ftp A-Record 111.222.333.444
mail A-Record 111.222.333.444
ns1 A-Record 111.222.333.444
ns2 A-Record 111.222.333.444
Registered Name Server #1:
Registered Name Server #1:

#2 Domain:
Name Server:
Name Server:

All of the name server setting on namecheap have been configured over a week ago, so I am well past the 24-72 hour updating window that they state on there site.


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