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Default Apache2 & SuExec - not working

I've setup a new server, mostly following the Ubuntu 6.10 and ISPConfig guides. All works oke, but during the process of transferring websites to this new server, I'm puzzled by a permission problem between Perl and SuExec and hope someone has an idea.

Although ISPConfig has added the right SuexecUserGroup, it appears that perl scripts do not use this user/group, but instead run with the euid and ruid of apache: www-data in my case. Any suggestion how to tackle this problem further?

drwxrwxr-x 30 web1_user web1 4096 2005-10-14 11:27 uploads
SuexecUserGroup web1_user web1
ServerName www2.xxxx.loc:80
ServerAdmin webmaster@xxxx.loc
DocumentRoot /home/ispwww/web1/web
Thu Jan 4 20:02:35 2007 /home/ispwww/web1/web/ WARNING: euid: 33 ruid: 33 Couldn't create node: /home/ispwww/web1/web/uploads/images/75 : Permission denied
The only other remark to make is that the perl routines/programs called by are stored outside the webroot. But the whole application works without a problem. If I change the ownership of the uploads directory (including the subdirs) to www-data, the nodes/files are created without any issue.
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