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Default Still Broke

Thanks falko, I'm guessing I found the problem I checked my /etc/postfix/local-host-names and it had basically every possible domain combination in there:

so I checked my and I saw the mydestination line is commented out and does not contain "domain", it does have locahost etc. Could this be the issue?

I also checked the virtualusertable and did notice an entry probably from when I was messing around with ISPConfig trying to figure it out.

If this is the issue how does the server know that when mail is sent, to send it out as and not one of the others, like

Thanks again

just uncommented the mydestination line and added to it, restarted postfix and when i send out mail it still comes as and when sending to, I have not received a return to sender (as I was before), but have not received the email yet either.

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