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Default Apache2 dies after manual removal of ISPConfig

I decided to manually remove ISPconfig according to instructions , that is to say:
rm -rfv /root/ispconfig
rm -vrf /home/admispconfig

(BTW It's not that the software is no good, it is just totally OTT for a person of my skill level (i.e. not a lot of experience in running a server.).).

That went fine.

However, it took me 12 hours to notice that the removal had killed apache2 !

I got apache2 working again by restoring the original apache 2 config file:-
cd /etc/apache2
rm -v apache2.conf
cp -v apache2.conf.orig apache2.conf

obviously , you'd want to check from the ispconfig install log that you have the backup file before you ...erm...remove apache2.conf ;-)
if you restart apache, it will then work.

I'm wondering what else is now kludged by the removal ???!!!
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