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Originally Posted by till
1) Just create primary DNS records for your domains in ISPConfig, then go to your domain registrar and set your ISPConfig server as authoritive server for the domains.

2) The DNS manager module does everything then MyDNSConfig does, just with bind and not myDNS. Also mydnsconfig can not be installed on the smae server then ISPConfig 2 as it is the DNS management module for the next generation of ISPConfig (ISPConfig 3).
1. That is already done. My question is how can the remote server point to my home server. Let me explain. I have registered with the two DNS nameservers of the remote server with ISPConfig. Now when people try to connect to the in browser, I want them to reach my home server (also with ISPConfig) instead. How can that be achieved with DNS Manager?

2. I read the mydns forum and now it became clear from Falko and your replies. Thanks again.
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