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When I want to return to the same place after inserting some data to mysql I do it this way, when processing the form

PHP Code:
if ($_POST["save_form"] == LAN_BUTTON_SAVE_AND_COME_BACK)
$api->redirect($api->tpl->turl("sameform", array("act" => "edit""id" => $api->db->insert_id())));

Uhm, maybe the navigation could use something like that. turl function just worries about the session id and url vars:
PHP Code:
public function turl($url$url_vars=false)

$tail "";

    if (
        foreach (
$url_vars  as $var => $value)
$tail .= $var."=".urlencode($value)."&";

$tail substr($tail0strlen($tail) - strlen("&"));

    if (
$tail != ""$tail "&".$tail;


Is not ideal, but it could be done in some hours...
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