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Default Remoting Framework

After about 4 hours of wasted work, I suddenly realized that the reason my development machine for ISPConfig has suddenly tanked was because I had the remoting framework installed. While not super damaging, it would have been kinda nice if the beta didn't kill ISPC when it dies...

Now that I'm done ranting, and starting to backup up my development machine without the framework, I have a couple of questions about said framework.

I now need to decide if I'm going to code around the framework, and basically build my own API or use the framework. There doesn't seem to be as much development on it, and it only works with less stable and unsupported versions of IPSC. Thus I pay for a plug in that may never make it to my customers.

I realize that I can buy 42ISPGo, however it also looks dated, and doesn't fit my needs nearly as well as ISPConfig does.

The following are the questions I have about it (that are not rhetorical!)

1) Will the framework / Devel version soon be released as stable?
2) Are the issues behind killing the tools menu when the beta expires going to be resolved, or is this something we're going to see with other "plug in software"
3) How the heck do you buy the framework. I didn't see any link or address to send a payment to order it.

Again, I mean no offense to the development team. I had forgotten that the module expired on the first of the year, and while it effectively halts my own development, it's my own darn fault for not paying attention to that part.
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