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Originally Posted by till
5) Personally I think symlinking is not so bad. But we might use a config file as well, this makes not a big difference.
it's not so bad but also not so easy to control as it's global. eg. using a config file would allow us to allow certain plugins per client/reseller or whatever whereas a symlink you kinda can't.
$config['plugins']['stats_awstats']['web1'] # could be to allow "awstats" for a particular user... (just an example, not serious :P )
$config['plugins']['stats_webalizer']['web2'] # this user prefers webalizer.
etc.etc. just an example.
There could be a plugin tester php file which checks the added plugin by including it and then checking what hooks it wants and that the function exists. this would be called by a system call or something so if the plugin is broken it doesn't break the page it's called from... dunno if there's a better way of doing it.. just an idea.
Otherwise it would have to be a command line config editor.i've never tried a php input poll for keyboard before but i know it's possible.
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