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thanks guys, I was thinking i might get negative vibes but seems like a good positive response.

2) Can't we use hidden fields in the form indicating a breadcrumb of where it was? i can't follow your source (especially the german) otherwise I'd check this out.

5) I had been modifying some code for my own tweaks and decided to just do include("mymod.php") in alot of places making it a single line changed. Then I realised that it's better to just do a 'dohook("edit_user")' method which Squirrelmail did was better.. that's when i reliased it was better in main code.

simply symlinking the needed modules
Symlinking!!!? why symlink,not a fan on it? We could use the SM method as well to write a new config file which tells it what modules to

$conf['plugins']['mta_postfix'] = true;
$conf['plugins']['stats_awstats'] = true;

Squirrelmail guys use perl script from command line but we could do a readdir() to read all plugins in the plugins folder and check it's a valid plugin (contains valid hooks,etc) and then the gui would allow you to click whichever you want and saving would create the config file, then it's active. A separate section could be used as an emergency should a plugin be broken and somhow breaks or something.
Something like that, make your security conscious vote on it i suppose.

I haven't check lately but I also remember that some sections still had german titles for text boxes but it's been a while and I'd have to try and find which screen had it.

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