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Default cosmetic issues

Hi all,

Been away for a while and have updated to the latest stable release 2.2.9 and noticed a few still bugs which i know many would still see constantly and others which are only little annoying things... so here's my list.

1. When using New Reseller, why does the country always have to default to "Deutschland" when ISPC is used world wide (well i hope so one day)? Little annoying but it's been there since the day dot.

2. Many screens jump back to the status screen and others jump back to the previous screen. eg. User & Email screen, editing a user password and clicking Save will take you back to the User & Email screen, clicking Cancel will take you to the status screen. I think all screens should take you back to the previous screen saving you to navigate back there.

3. Can we make the secondary DNS servers show a table list of whats inside it. Better than a showing just a "DNS-Master IP:" option. If DNS isn't working it's alot easier for users to detect it's not updating or working if they can see some uneditable records. I think a straight html table list will do.

4. Firewall: Allow source address IP for people to allow DNS transfers rather than having ISPC for 1 job and then having to go into shell to make your own firewall rules for another. ISPC firewall does the job well enough, just if it had "source address" or "all" for open address would be good.

5. plugin hooks support (similar to squirrelmail). So developers can hook into main stream routines to do extra functions without modifying main source code. things like adding a user could also be doing things like setting up external software configuarations for that user, etc or Secondary DNS setup automatically adds firewall rule for primary DNS server for access..etc.etc.etc. things like this could be done and upgrading ISPC won't interfere with changes because they are hooks and not in main code as most of us have been doing so far.

Point 5. could be more a 2.3.0 or even 3.0 idea but the others are a start. Maybe this whole post could've been better places in feature requests or not but i thought here would be better.

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