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Default Postfix,Virtual Users,FC5 howto: "System" accounts need manual setup?

After following the Postfix, Virtual Users on FC5 howto, do "system" accounts (ie, those in /etc/aliases such as webmaster, abuse, etc) need to be set up manually for each domain? I'm seeing this both ways and not sure which is right.

The examples for the forwardings table lookup only show the domain half of the address as an option (for mass-forwarding, that is), which suggests that there must be many accounts and boxes: webmaster@domain1, webamster@domain2, webmaster@domain3, etc.

However, looking at the actual SQL code for the forwardings cf lookup, it shows only a generic '%s' for the input. This means I can forward based upon any group of characters, yes? This would mean I can enter a row with 'webmaster@' and 'myAdminAddress@domain' to forward mail for webmaster@anyValidDomain to a single mailbox, doesn't it?.

That looks right to me, but I'd like confirmation. Just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something simple.

If that's the case, is the webmaster example above the most efficient way to set this up? That is, having the same system account across multiple domains go to the same system account at the primary domain. Or is it better to forward important system accounts from each domain to a single domain_admin@ each?
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