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Default Virtual Users and Domains With Postfix...forwarded messages and spam filtering


I've set up a Debian Sarge server using the famous how-to. It works correctly.

I have some users that want their mail forwarded to another address, like comcast or aol or verizon.
So, I would just put the needed info into the MySQL forward table.

For example:
joeshmoe@domain_I_am_hosting gets forwarded to

When mail is sent to joeshmoe@domain_I_am_hosting
will it be processed by spamassassin? Or will it be immediately forwarded?

My guess is it will be immediately forwarded.
The spam gets forwarded as well and comcast will blacklist my server because it looks like my server is sending spam.

If this is the case, it looks like I may need to do the Mailfilter how-to:

But I'm not sure how to force forwarded emails to be processed by spamassassin.
I'm totally unfamiliar with MailDrop.

I currently run an Ensim server with about 50 domains and 400 users and I really want to get away from Ensim. I want to have email and web hosting on separate servers. I got blacklisted twice this month by comcast, because many users forward their email to their comcast accounts. I was able to work around this by modifying .procmailrc files, to force spamassassin to process the emails before being forwarded.

Mike Donovan
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