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Thank you for your answer!!

I did check but domain is not found, it seems like there is not listed on server.

What should I check on "named" to find registered zones on server?

Also a new question comes out for this site, I need to install language support rather than english for Squirre, currently is installed in english and I've downloaded the language pack, what should I do to install it and how can I add language options to interface.

And there is another request about running .NET support in Linux (Mono) what should I do to add .NET support to ISPConfig box.
In other machines when am running mono I must set path \home\www\web\public_html\ to tell Mono where to find folder to run!!! Can be done?? For me it doen's make sense to have only a server for .NET support.

Thank you in advance!!
Eli Acevedo
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