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Originally Posted by till
If you get the shared IP page, you either selected the wrong IP address or your domain name does not point to the IP with a DNS A-Record. Domain redirects will not work.
I am not sure how to resolve this Till.

I have a DynDNS domain ( because of my dynamic IP address. I have purchased a domain name ( and configured the DNS record of my ISP to reflect the CName

In ISPConfig I have created a DNS entries as per the below image : -

What exactly do I need to do. I have obviously not done it correctly because even though I can now type into the browser and get the correct page; it doesn't work with my DynDNS domain name nor the I have to type the IP address (e.g. to get to the ISPConfig 'admin' page.

PS In an effort to get it right I have deleted all records from the ISPConfig and started again so the /etc/apache2/vhosts/Vhosts_ispconfig.conf file has now changed and the line DocumentRoot /var/www/web2/web now reads DocumentRoot /var/www/web7/web (and so too does all other appropriate lines from that file.
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