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Hi, is in my local-host-names file (the intention of the relayhost line in is to forward all outgoing mail to an old server until the old server is decommissioned)

ISPConfig is set up for Maildir

I am suspicious of the maildrop line in - I don't have a vmail user account - I suspect this means that when Postfix attempts to pass the email over for delivery that it ends up going nowhere. I originally installed dovecot as part of the Fedora Core 5 perfect install, but have tried to move to Courier IMAP so that I can use the instructions for allowing users to log in as user@domain.

My understanding (maybe wrong!) is that I only need to set maildrop up this way if I am using virtual users, (which I am not), but I can't figure out how it should be configured.

Alternatively, I could create a vmail account, but I am not sure what rights it needs.

Thanks for your help!

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