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I've written the howto "Joomla on an ISPConfig server within 10 easy steps" here:

Within this howto for security reasons i have chosen to use www-data instead of using chmod 777 for example.

Maybe i do not answer your question exactly, but I host a lot of Joomla sites myself and personally i have a good experience with the permission-settings mentioned here:

chgrp www-data administrator/backups
chgrp www-data administrator/components
chgrp www-data administrator/modules
chgrp www-data administrator/templates
chgrp www-data cache
chgrp www-data components
chgrp www-data images
chgrp www-data images/banners
chgrp www-data images/stories
chgrp www-data language
chgrp www-data mambots
chgrp www-data mambots/content
chgrp www-data mambots/editors
chgrp www-data mambots/editors-xtd
chgrp www-data mambots/search
chgrp www-data mambots/system
chgrp www-data media
chgrp www-data modules
chgrp www-data templates

chmod g+w administrator/backups
chmod g+w administrator/components
chmod g+w administrator/modules
chmod g+w administrator/templates
chmod g+w cache
chmod g+w components
chmod g+w images
chmod g+w images/banners
chmod g+w images/stories
chmod g+w language
chmod g+w mambots
chmod g+w mambots/content
chmod g+w mambots/editors
chmod g+w mambots/editors-xtd
chmod g+w mambots/search
chmod g+w mambots/system
chmod g+w media
chmod g+w modules

And yes, sometimes filefolders are not accessible via FTP.
This means that it this setup is not so comfortable for the webmaster, but security comes first.

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