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Red face Joomla & MySql config and chmod permissions

Hey all, just new to ISPCONFIG and just love it already. I have been developing in Joomla for awhile now and I think I have a little problem I hope others have had before.

I seem to have an FTP and MYSQL permissions problem, and although I've been able to fix it with various chmod commands I don't think it's ideal from a hosting point of view. Not that I'm going to be running a commercial hosting platform but I am going to be setting up accounts for students and need them to be able to do most of this themselves.

I think the problem relates to the fact that the MYSQL db that ISPCONFIG creates doesn't use the user account the site relates to. Consequently when Joomla tries to create the files etc it has permission problems. I've googled quite a bit and found a very good tutorial which suggested to chmod the web directory to www-data:www-data, which certainly fixed the problem, but I'm not convinced this is the best way. Because the doesn't allow Joomla modules such as the brilliant Joomla Xplorer to have full control over the folders via a web interface. I have other Joomla sites hosted on commercial servers and it all works without a problem.

I'm no Linux pro but I can stumble my way around, and I think the problem stems to the fact that when you create a MYSQL db from within ISPCONFIG it doesn't appear to use the account that is the owner of the web directory of that site. Then when Joomla takes the MYSQL account, it doesn't have control over the web directory.

I hope I have made myself understood?

So my question is...
1. Am I doing something wrong?
2. How can I make the MYSQL db use the same account as for the web directory.

Really hoping some of you ISPCONFIG gurus read this, sorry for the longwinded but I'm sure I'm not alone here, as I have found a lot of articles on how to chmod Joomla directories in an ISPCONFIG environment.

Thanks in advance
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