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Originally Posted by dahljh
1) Whenever I reboot my server, the pop3 service will not start. I have to go in manually and start the 5 files.
chkconfig --add <name of the init file>
The next time you boot your system the services should start.

Originally Posted by dahljh
2) For some reason, after I delete the default index.html file in a clients web directory and replace it with a default.htm, load the site and everything is good. The next time I load the site, that index.html file is back. Strange ehh?
This is because ISPConfig looks for some kind of index file like index.html, index.php, index.asp, index.shtml, etc. However index must be a part of the filename. If ISPConfig does not find such a file it creates the standard index page index.html.
So if you name your file index.htm instead of default.htm everything should be fine.
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