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Default New email accounts missing default imap folders

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to set up courier imap on Fedora Core 5.

I *think* I have nearly got everything sorted out, but have one final problem.

When I create a new email account (using ISPConfig), the user is created successfully (ie Maildir folder is created with courierimapkeywords, cur, new and tmp folders + courierimapuiddb file), but there are no default "send" or "trash" folders, or a courierimapsubscribed file.

I can log into these accounts with Squirelmail (can only see the inbox), but I don't think I can successfully send emails.

I can manually create the folders, and the courierimapkeywords file, at which point all works fine (ie can send emails)

Can someone give me some pointers where to look?

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