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Default Ability to Select Database Name / Username

Hi Guys,

I have started working on making ISPConfig work for my current setup and one of the first things i've personally found not entirely userfriendly is the in-ability to select your own database names.

For this reason I am posting this back in the hope that if someone else wants to add this ability they can. (Maybe it'll show up in a future release somehow)

First make a backup of the database, and the files.

You then need to edit the Database (Datenbank) form.

Login as an administrator and click the Management Link (Top left corner)
Under Form Designer click Edit Form.
Edit 'isp - ISP Datenbank'

You should see the following:

datenbankname descField [Edit] [Delete] [^]
datenbankuser descField [Edit] [Delete] [^]

I could not work out a quick way to edit the field type, so I deleted the two, and created 2 new Short Textfield.

Important: Keep the Fieldname the same as what it was before (datenbankname / datenbankuser), the Title is what will show on the form and to my knowledge can be set to anything I used Database Name, and Database User respectively.

Now that you've done this, apply the patch that i've attached here to the file:

That should be it!

I am reasonably new to all this so go easy on me Feel free to comment on how this goes, esspecially if there is a major problem.
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