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Default Anyone figured out to integrate FuzzyOCR into ISPConfig on Ubuntu?

With image only spam on the rise, I went looking for a way to block this with the default postfix configs. But, I don't think postfix has become that advanced, yet....

But, after a few searches on google, I stumbled upon fuzzyocr, and it seems to have success with those who know how to install it with their spamassassin boxes. Unfortunately, I'm not as proficient with linux as these above people are, and rely heavily on falko's guides for much of my server's tasks.

I found this little howto:
but, his configurations are quite different than those of the default ISPconfig install on an Ubuntu box. I'll try to set up my own test box, but I don't think I'll get it right on the first, heck, second try. But, if anyone has any success installing fuzzyocr on a box similar to mine, please post your steps.

Thanks in advance.
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