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Originally Posted by Maxum
I have set up a mail server using the how to. It worked great. Then I install SquirrelMail, I am able to log in, send and receive but cannot seem to figure out how to assign administrative privileges to a user so they have access to the plug-in. I found a how to if I was using ISPconfig but I am not using it.

Can some please explain how to assign administrative privileges to a user in SquirrelMail?


Hi, I am not really sure what you really want in your configuration.

Do you want an administrator privilege to a user who can access the configuration file of your SquirrelMail remotely? If this is what you want, you can add the Administrator Plug-In, it is defined on the INSTALL readme file at the /--your squirrelmail directory--/plugins/administrator on how to configure this plugin. If you alone have physical and/or ssh access to your server then you can use the second option which is to create an "admins" file, wherein you put the full email address of the user/person you want to give administrator privilege.

Hope this can help you in any way.
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