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Originally Posted by happyhd
EDIT3 : learned alot I's say..the hard way, I'll be back when reinstalled everything.
Had to install phpmyadmin and no I'm not allowed access to ispconfig either by ip or hostname. My guess is I most have mistyped something following the guide afterall.
Ok, I think I don't have to comment your problem 1 and 2 since you're doing a re-install...
During the installation, when asked for a hostname and a domain, you enter something that actually points to your ISPConfig system. Alternatively, you can leave the hostname empty and enter the IP address as domain.
Also note, that you have to use this hostname/domain combination when you try to connect to ISPConfig. Otherwise you'll have the problem that some images don't display properly.

This is my first thread here (and almost the first ever) so if I'm violating some secret forum code regarding too basic question, wrong placement of thread etc. - sorry ! - will fix on request
No secret forum code, except that we're always trying to be friendly instead of starting flamewars like in other forums... So - welcome!
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