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SWAT is a Graphical configuration utility to manage Samba. Samba *does* do authentication, but I'm not exactly sure that is what your looking for. Samba is a File Server application... indended to allow a Linux server share files to Windows clients. For security of the data, you can setup authentication in order to allow access to the files.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, setting up users is fairly easy.


You must have a "system" account, as well as a "samba" account. Adding a linux "system" account, you simply execute one of the following commands:
adduser <username>


useradd <username>
They both perform similar actions, but have different features. Once you add the user you can set up a password:

passwd <username>

Once you have a system account setup, you need to add them to the Samba user database. Execute the following command to add a Samba user:

smbpasswd -a <username>
And that is how you add a user... for Samba File Server.

I'll try and do some research if you can maybe explain a bit more what exactly you want this server to do... JUST authentication.... or File Server access, etc...
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