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Originally Posted by till
There is no option in the interface yet. But you can change it in the language file.

Open the language file (for example the english):


and replace the line:

$wb["EURO"] = 'EURO';


$wb["EURO"] = 'USD';

to switch to US Dollar.
Hi There, I'm really new to ISPConfig, but not so new to the *nix OS environment. So Thanks in advance for overlooking my ignorance!!
I tried this step here, yet when i go into the language files and make the changes i still see the following when creating a new item
The person who told me about ISPConfig (and raves about how good it is) made a comment that the only way he knows how to fix this was by editing some file in the installation folder, and then re-installing the program... Is this really necessary? Or am i just overlooking something that's obvious to everyone else.
I'm running ISPConfig Version: 2.2.7 on CentOS4.4 server install
I even rebooted the entire system....

Thanks In advance.
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