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Default Everything installed and working : The journey begins...

Hello all, I decided to join the forum as I am very curious about your response !

This is my first thread here (and almost the first ever) so if I'm violating some secret forum code regarding too basic question, wrong placement of thread etc. - sorry ! - will fix on request

First some info :

Status : ISPconfig installed and working on fresh Debian Sarge install, as instructed by this guide :

PC : PIII 450 , 256 RAM, 100 Mbps NIC, static IP
Gateway : D-link DI 624 rev C router
Connection : 4Mbps full duplex fibre (not sure it's relevant, but had to brag a little, was a nice change from modem... I have a dynamically assigned IP from my ISP, but my router has a DDNS option I think will prove useful..

Experience : Capable off setting up LAN wired/wireless in windows/linux.

Goal for ISPconfig server : sharing files via FTP (NOT samba or nfs) with LAN consisting of Debian sarge desktop machine (wired), XP desktop (wired) , Debian/win98 laptop (wireless) and via internet when travelling (Kenya to be precize).
Hosting 5-10 mail accounts in a secure manner, along with a personal website. As for MySQL I don't need that at this point.

* I'm just curious on how you ppl would go about this, I've never set up any webserver or FTP server before, but I decided to dive into it, and when I clicked the ISPconfig link in the beforementioned guide, I was sold. The concept seems to good to be true If any ISPconfig developer reads this : THANK YOU! I'm into trying and testing my way around in ISPconfig, hopefully I wont brake anything by the time someone replies (hopefully).

Anyway, I excpect it to be a learning process, if someone in here wants to drop my a little warnings/advice/thoughts on this situation, I greatly appreciate it !

Mvh. SAR

EDIT: I seem to miss this file : /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/

...which I see referred to alot in the forum..

EDIT2 : also, browsing ISPconfig from the server machine or LAN seems seriously slow..

EDIT3 : learned alot I's say..the hard way, I'll be back when reinstalled everything.
Had to install phpmyadmin and no I'm not allowed access to ispconfig either by ip or hostname. My guess is I most have mistyped something following the guide afterall.

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