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Default Pureftpd Permissions Problem

Firstly thanks for the excellent how to's on this site they are a really valuable source of info!.

I have followed the installation of Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL here. I'm running this on Ubuntu 6.06.1 Server.

However i'm having problems with the permissions as follows:

If I create a user and log onto the ftp server it creates the relevant directory with the ftpuser:ftpgroup permissions which is fine and i can upload data, mkdir etc. However because Apache is running as www-data:www-data If I try to run anything that needs rwx to those directories (for example joomla) it is unable due to the permissions being that of the ftpuser:ftpgroup.

Obvioulsy if I chown the directories to www-data:www-data it fixes the problem and joomla can be used but then the ftpuser is unable to mkdir, upload data etc.

I'm guessing it something fairly simple but i'm still learning What am I missing?
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