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Default Computer Society needs Linux Help (HowTo)


I am one of the new Technicians in a Computer Society. The current state of the machines is not good, so we have decided to move to a Linux (Mandriva 2005 Special Edition) server to simply authenticate the user accounts.

Now, both techs and most of the committee have never used linux, and are Windows Users, however due to budget constraints and demands for linux, we as stated have decided to migrate. We desperatley need a tutorial to set up a SERVER for User Account Authentification, one which will communicate with the clients (9 of which) which will be running 2k or XP Pro.

The actual existance of the society is in the balance, and if this is not sorted out within the week, we may have to shut it down (licensing).

So please, any and every post/comment/how to would very much be apprechiated.

-Thank You
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