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Originally Posted by maYer
isp_nodes :
where does user_id belong to ? isp_web / isp_kunde ?
somehow all numbers are messed up here
userid points to the table sys_user

where is parent pointing to ?
parent is pointing to tree_id in the smae table.


Some users are not able to add any new users, they always get a "user already exists" ( me too).
I have this problem since iam using ISPconfig, so its nothing about the new version.
Have you emptied all recycle bin's? There is a recycle bin for the admin and every reseller.

Some users suddenly have other users in their userlist, whcih belong to other accounts. They cannot administrate that users, even me as useradmin is not able. Concerning to the docid, i cant find that tree in isp_nodes
the doc_id is nit connected to tree id.

doc_id in isp_isp_ user is connected to doc_id in isp_nodes, doctype_id in isp_isp_user is connected to doctype_id in isp_nodes. Its the same with isp_isp_web. isp_isp_user and isp_isp_web are connected trough the table isp_dep, where the child_* ID's are connected to isp_isp_user and the parent_* ID's are connected to isp_isp_web.
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