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Question Hosting Provider with ISPConfig

I succesfully installed ISPConfig on my server here in Uganda. Uganda is one of the last countries in the world that does not have a link to the Internet by fiber, all traffic uses a satelite.
Therefor, my server is much faster reachable inside the country than the rest of the internet is. (and vice-versa).

Some of my customers who are targetting the local market here will want to host their site here. Others might want to reach a more international audience and rather host in the UK or States. (or in a mixed configuration with the website in the UK and their mailboxes in Uganda)

As my customers will manage their own settings using ISPConfig, I am looking for a provider in the UK or States that resells webspace based on ISPConfig, so that my customers will only be confronted with 1 user interface.

But nowhere can I find a list of ISPs that are using ISPConfig. Nor is any ISP advertising with it agresively enough to convince google.

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