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Originally Posted by JohnnyBGoode
Did you end up using your own nameserver for your site with the same domain? Even though it's supposed to be impossible...

Example: is the nameserver for
(within godaddy's DNS settings)
Yes, that's exactly what I did. I thought you weren't supposed to do that either, however, after reading falko's post again:
Originally Posted by falko
Again this is the chicken/egg problem. You are using and to resolve You can use and to resolve any other domain, but not

Use your GoDaddy DNS Manager to create and, and then you can use these nameservers in ISPConfig.
I think using the NS definitions at GoDaddy instead of on our server is what falco was saying... since they point to the IP address of where the resolution will happen. I think that this is fine. You just can't have be the Name Server and have ns1 and ns2 point to themselves. We get around this by having them initially defined at the registrar. The problem I had a hard time explaining was the fact that GoDaddy didn't allow non-authoritative Name Servers (whatever that means) but, they let us bypass that by entering the Host info, thereby kind of giving them the 'authority' of where it's resolved... or whatever. It works. lol
Originally Posted by JohnnyBGoode
And one other thing, what do you mean by co-domain? Do you mean actual "sites" from the ISP manager, or just two A records for one added domain (ns1 and ns2)?
Yes, this is what I did.
Originally Posted by JohnnyBGoode
I'm still confused, and this is making me feel like an idiot...
Trust me... I feel the same way. Slowly, I think we'll get it.

Originally Posted by JohnnyBGoode
Edit: Ok, does the first actual site you create become the main site (ie. the server IP's actual website)? Because the first site I created is showing up as the domain I plugged ns1 and ns2 into... I guess I need a third domain to test it.
Yes, the first site you create is going to be the 'default' website. If you browse to (instead of a domain name)you'll get the first site you create. This is why I'm thinking of redoing the server one last time and using my IP address as the host instead of the domain. (I know this is probably the hard way to do it, but for me, for now, it's actually easier.)
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