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Hello Jan,

I just saw that a lot of sourcecode packages are getting compiled during the setup script and thought "hey I do already have those application! Why compiling them again?".
you see the sourcecode packages that got compiled but you dont understand correctly that they are NOT being used to host your websites etc. For webshosting the packages from your Linux distribution are being used.

Originally Posted by Jan
Anyway: Is it possible to use the system apache etc for ISPConfig?
No, otherwise you will loose the controlpanel access if your main apache fails.

In case of a security leak in apache, php5 etc it would be easier to replace those applications if they were managed by the system's package system (such as apt).
The packages used for webhosting are managed by the system (apt, rpm or whatever linux distro you use), as i posted above. Only some packages for the backend are compiled. They are not used for hosting the websites you configure in ISPCOnfig. We have to compile them because we need to assure that all the options we need for the backend are compiled in and thsi is not the case in all supported linux distributions.
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