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Default Multiple IPs on a single ISPConfig install?

Sorry if this has been posted but I did a search and came up with only the opposite, multiple domains on a single IP.

What I want to be able to end up doing is to provide my own DNS service without the need for two different servers running two different ISPConfigs, or even just two different servers period.

From the host of my dedicated server, I can get multiple IPs so I thought that if I could use two different IPs within ISPConfig, I could easily provide my own DNS resolution/propagation without the need for two separate servers.

Is it possible to do it within one ISPConfig install or should I just use one IP within ISPConfig and the second IP outside of ISPConfig but still on the same box?

If both within a single ISPConfig, how would I go about doing that or, is it painfully obvious and I missed it and should go do more reading?

By the way, if no one has mentioned it before, ISPConfig r000cks!
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