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Sounds pretty good to me, it allowed the DNS to work at least

Did you end up using your own nameserver for your site with the same domain? Even though it's supposed to be impossible...

Example: is the nameserver for
(within godaddy's DNS settings)

And one other thing, what do you mean by co-domain? Do you mean actual "sites" from the ISP manager, or just two A records for one added domain (ns1 and ns2)? OR, did you create,, and then assign the two nameservers from with both godaddy and ISPConfig?

I'm still confused, and this is making me feel like an idiot...

Edit: Ok, does the first actual site you create become the main site (ie. the server IP's actual website)? Because the first site I created is showing up as the domain I plugged ns1 and ns2 into... I guess I need a third domain to test it.

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