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Default Could this be an answer

through further research today i found that if i send mail through Squirrelmail and not UebiMiau! my email gets delivered properly to the Inbox (yahoo and Hotmail)

this is through a domain with A SPF record and a domain without one still under the same ISPConfig server

now my question is what is an alternative to UebiMiau or better yet how would i also go by adding that email frontend to a .pkg cause i know that i'll get it probably in a .tar.gz file and also because squirrelmail is too basic and requires alot of tweaking

if this is the case that should mean that my email is not being taken as SPAM or junk mail on other email clients like (yahoo and Hotmail) right?

Oh ran further tests and this was the outcome

the scenario

2 Email Accounts 1 from a domain with a SPF Record another from a Domain without An SPF Record
3 Testing grounds (Outlook, Squirrelmail and Ueibmaiu)
2 Mail Accounts Yahoo and Hotmail

sent from domain 1 (without SPF record) and domain 2 (with SPF Record)
delivered to Inbox Correctly

via outlook
Both Domains
Yahoo= Delivered Properly
Hotmail= Delivered Properly

via Squirrelmail
domain 1 (without SPF record)
yahoo= Delivered to Inbox
hotmail= delivered to junk mail folder

domain 2 with SPF record
yahoo= Delivered to Bulk mail
hotmail= Delivered to junk mail

What to do??

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