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Originally Posted by falko
Ok, that's fine.

Are you sure that the account exists on your server?
As per following the HowTo, page 2, step 7: created the user and group "vmail". and also at page 5, step 14: Populate the Database ... and in there create the user, that's all I've done about
* When I look into my "User Manager", I do have
User Name: glenn UID 500 GID: glenn
User Name: vmail UID 5000 GID: vmail
User Name: postmaster UID 5001 GID: postmaster
User Name: abuse UID: 5002 GID: abuse

* Those UID and GID, must they be the very same as for "vmail" system UID i.e. users that we added with "useradd" commands to /etc/passwd file?

* What more can I do to make sure about the existing account's?
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