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Default Wrong quota messages


I created an user with an emailaddress. This emailadress "" is used as a mailing list, using many mailadresses to forward messages, that are send to the mailadress (
Now, I get wrong quota messages:
Some Users/Groups Are Near Or Already Over Their Quota Limit On Server

The following users are near or already over their quota limit on server

Username:                           web2_forward
Used Storage Space:           94.23 MB
Allocated Storage Space:     50.00 MB
User's Real Name:               OOP
User's Email Address: 
Web Site:                   
Group Of Web Site:             web2

Customer's Company:           XXX
Customer's Name:                XXX
Customer's Address:             XXX
Customer's Email Address:   
Customer's Web Site: 

Reseller's Company:              XXX
Reseller's Name:                    XXX
Reseller's Address:                XXX
City:                                      XXX
Country:                                XXX
Telephone:                            XXX
Reseller's Email Address:       XXX
Reseller's Web Site:               XXX
(Links and Addresses are changed by me)

A "du -s" to the users directory shows:
du  -h web2_oop/
8,0K    web2_oop/web
4,0K    web2_oop/Maildir/tmp
4,0K    web2_oop/Maildir/new
4,0K    web2_oop/Maildir/cur
16K     web2_oop/Maildir
140K    web2_oop/
Any idea, why? I get these wrong messages for some web-accounts und for some user-accounts.

Best regards,
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