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Originally Posted by till
Hi Nanda,

have you tried ISPConfig? It provides Website, Domain and email management with a web based interface.

Thanks Till. This evening I'm going to follow this article fully and will also install ISPConfig.

Could you please put down some lines here for installing ISPConfig. I don't think Falko's article explains that bit in detail?

Also I just took a look at a demo of ISPConfig, yes it is a very good one. But
there is no web email access for the users. Say if I create a virtual email domain like on my mail server Then how can a user with email id: can login by web like yahoo email or hotmail and check his emails. So I need an web based email tool like that. I know squirrel mail and horde do that for qmail through courier-imap, but i could not get to install qmail using qmailtoaster or qmailrocks. Everytime I try to install following the instructions given at qmailrocks, I get errors while compiling courier-auth section.

After hours and hours of search and googling, I could not get anywhere, so I'm going to follow Falko's article this evening. But then I do not know how to link SqMail or Horde with the installation of Falko's, so I was wondering if there is any other webmail that I could use straight forward with this article's setup or I'm also happy if install of SqMail and Horde will be working straightway with this setup.

In anycase I'll give my try and will update this area.

Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks for your reply earlier.


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