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Originally Posted by tomd
I am trying to move my ISPConfig (2.2.6) installation that is on Ubuntu 6.06 to a Debian 3.1 system. I followed the guide in another forum thread ( ) and it worked pretty well until I came to moving the database.

Using PHPAdmin I made the SQL file output, but could not get the Debian system to accept the data. I believe the problem was a MySQL 5 (on Ubuntu) versus MySQL 4 (on Debian) problem. I failed with an error pointing to a line of SQL with "collation" in it. I think this is some sort of encoding issue. Once I removed the part of the SQL concerning character encoding the data went into the database fine.

I thought I was OK until I access the ISPConfig management area. It listed my sites, but when I clicked on one I got a error of "The requested document type does not exist." I found a thread that discussed this problem. ( ) This thread also talked about encoding issues. I could never resolve the problem and my hacking eventually killed the new system. (But I learn)

My question is this: In setting up the new Debian 3.1 system, should I installed MySQL 5 before installing ISPConfig - or is there other approach I should take?
Hy Tom,

I have same problem.
You to solve your problem ? If yes, help me.
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