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Hi again,
the database is a mysql that I set up for amavis to get the users spamcomfiguration, it's described here. I think I solved that problem. It was when a user that wasn't in the db got a spammail the mail was rejected. I solved this by commenting out the sa_taglevel things in the config. So now a new user that isn't in the db doesn't get his mails scanned and if I add him to the db and set his levels mails get checked.
For now everything works fine but I only use pop and imap so i don't know if it would work if I use encryption. That is why I would like to get rid of those warnings about smtpd.cert and tls but not reinstall the server. So if you got any ideas I would be very happy.

By the way it's some really nice tutorials you got here.

Many thanks
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