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Default Mandriva 2007 & maybe other distros have this issue

I use mandriva and ran into this crap issue....

Mandriva likes to make modules of _everything_ for apache and I was getting the same errors and ISPConfig was not loading in new websites because httpd -t was throwing a vail but invalid error.

The problem begins when you instaall a apache2 module and it installs it into 'modules.d/70_mod_php4.conf' or something like that.

httpd -t doesn't load that in -- know why ? Cause in Mandriva atleast 1 issue is going on.
1) httpd -t doesn't check syntax with the included 'Include modules.d/*.conf' still

So what I had to do was manually add the following into httpd.conf ....

LoadModule php4_module extramodules/
LoadModule suexec_module extramodules/

These two modules _MUST_ be loaded into the main httpd.conf for 'httpd -t' to work. After I did that the error 'Invalid command 'php_admin_flag' went bye bye and all was good.

The suexec_module will also throw a error if its loaded the same way the php4 module is so I had to add that as well.

Maybe 'httpd -t' just isn't a good idea until the apache people fix this bug. I already reported it.
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