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Thank you Falko, you are doing excellent, outstanding and exceptional job; without it I wouldn't have a slightest idea of how to set the system up.

In the last three weeks I have reinstalled SuSe four times, and I'm starting to get a grip on linux; the only problem that I can't figure out is why can't I access my linux box from outside my local network. I couldn't access it thru the IP address so I have set up DDNS through so I could use a domain name instead, but even that doesn't work when I'm trying to access the linux box through the Internet. I also tried to bypass my router (I have Linksys WRT54GX2 SRX200 router, set to forward port 80 and 22 to my local IP; just 80 and 22 for starters) straight to my cable modem, but that didn't help either. It might be that I haven't set something up right that's beyond the perfect setup, related to IP addresses or something, but I'm clueless at this point. Could you, please, guide me the right direction or maybe where I could find that kind of specific information?

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