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Red face Echo spam handling in ISPConfig

Originally Posted by IntnsRed
I don't think this has already been posted as a suggestion (and I even looked ).

But in regards to this thread I'd really like to see this incorporated in an integrated fashion into ISPConfig.

Unfortunately, spam is now a fact of life on the 'net. ISPConfig's integrated spam checking is really slick -- but it seems not fully done without dropping that spam into a user's default Spam folder if Maildirs are enabled.

I think this issue of spam is getting more relevant to what ISPC is designed to do. I don't know how hard this may or may not be but as a service/hosting provider this is what I would like to see if possible:
  • Ability to automatically put mail marked ****spam**** into special .spam folder
  • Option to switch on for each user or
  • Option to use system-wide spam folder administered by admins.
  • Perhaps a subfolder or group structure for this system wide folder (similar to sites/users structure in ISPC) so clients can subscribe to a service if desired
It would be nice to be able to check mail out before simply dumping it or having to deal with it every day. At the moment ISPC only allows you to dump them (makes false positives a worry) or accept them (inconveniant and potentially dangerous)

A similar option for mail contaminated with a virus could be even more important as it would allow them to be dealt with by experienced admins and would even help with improving defensive measures or reporting threats.

Till, Falko, is this on the horizon at all?

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