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Originally Posted by nandhu

Hi Falko,

I went through your article on Perfect Setup of FC4. Thanks a lot for such a nice article. Me personally need to know few more steps of how about going with few more tools which would help me to add Virtual email domains and then email accounts for those virtual domains. Also is there any web based tools that I could use to add/edit/delete the domains, virtual domains and email accounts. Like vpopmail and vqadmin for qmail.

Also more importantly are there any tools that I could get to install with the above article mentioned setup to have access to emails to the email accounts created using the above mentioned domains and virtual domains. Something like Squirrel Mail or Horde or should there be anything else available.

Could you please kindly add instructions on how to add a web based tool like vqadmin/vpopmail and web based email access using squirrel/horde or anything else?

Basically I'm trying to setup a Mailserver on my ADSL connection at home. And I've 3 domains registered, so i want to be able to use all the 3 domains from this single email server.

Also I hope your instructions in the article will help me to install the mail server on my AMD x86_64 bit Athlon system.

Many thanks for your kind help.


Hi Nanda,

have you tried ISPConfig? It provides Website, Domain and email management with a web based interface.