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Originally Posted by Lil'Brudder
I'm assuming that if I can get GoDaddy to accept my DNS, my server will be able to resolve all the A/MX/etc records and everything will be fine... is this not right?
Yes, that's right. You have to make your nameservers authoritative for your domains.

Originally Posted by Lil'Brudder
I have port 53 forwarding to the server, is this the correct port?
Yes, but it's port 53 TCP and UDP!

Originally Posted by Lil'Brudder
Also, I noticed there are 3 other ports open:

Port 5335 (tcp) is open (unknown)!
Port 32769 (tcp) is open (unknown)!
Port 55512 (tcp) is open (unknown)!

Are these used by ISPConfig? Do I need to have them forwarded in my router also? Or can they be left alone?
No, these ports aren't used by ISPConfig. I don't know what's running on these ports, so if you don't know this either, you should better close them...

Originally Posted by Lil'Brudder
I just noticed... the IP address is wrong in that Bind file. That's the IP of where the server *will* be... it's on a temporary IP right now. Is that why Godaddy isn't resolveing

If I change that to the temp IP, would that fix it?
Hm, I think you should contact the GoDaddy support about this... - or just try.
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