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The current layout is, assumed we have the website with ID 1 and the domain and all webs are located uder /var/www:

Symlink: /var/www/ => /var/www/web1/

The Symlink is created for easier navigation on the shell.
Inside the directory of the web we have the following folders:

logs/ Contains the logs of this website
user/ Contains the user directories
web/ contains the website data (HTML files)
cgi-bin/ CGI-Bin Directory
ssl/ SSL Certificates of this website
phptmp/ Temp directory if PHPSafemode is enabled

Inside the User directory are the homedirs of the users located, assumed we have a user named web1_admin:


Inside the userdirectory:

web/ In this web directory the user can put his personal homepage. The files can be accessed by

I'am not sure if we really need this userweb feature in new releases.
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