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Default Virtual Hosting With PureFTPd And MySQL troubles

I have a small problem after using this howto, i'm running Ubuntu 6.10. The installation went flawless. But i didn't get the question if i want to run it as standalone, so i guess it's running on inetd now. I can't find any config files using pure-ftpd-mysql, they must be somewhere but not in /etc except the mysql.conf. But that config file doesn't help me. How can i make it standalone?

My second question is rather strange. I made two accounts, the first one is working well and uses my 100mbit connection fully when uploading to the server. The second account with identical settings and no limits whatsoever has a max of 1200KB/s steady when uploading. Every other account i make has the same problem, the permissions on all folders are the same as they are made when first logging in. Any idea what this could be?

I rather use the ProFTPD setup, but Ubuntu 6.10 works with ProFTPD 1.3.0. The current howto is based on 1.2.10 and doesn't apply. Is it possible to update the howto as Debian Etch will also use 1.3.0?
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